Save Your Bumper. Lose Your Stress. Use a LotPod.


What is the LotPod?

The LotPod is a first-of-its-kind grocery cart stabilizer. Developed in 2010, the LotPod has been designed to provide shoppers a way to unload shopping carts safely in the parking lot.

Why is unloading shopping carts so difficult?

All parking lots are sloped to allow for water drainage when it rains. Therefore, the ground does not provide a flat surface for carts, which results in carts rolling into cars or traffic. Over 24,000 injuries occur each year due to shopping cart accidents. Talk about unsafe! We set out to solve this problem and help save lives.

How does the LotPod fix this problem?

By simply placing your LotPod on the ground and rolling one cart wheel into the base, the LotPod provides total stability for your shopping cart. This allows you to unlock your car, open your doors, and take children out of the cart without a runaway possibility.